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Pledge Good Sportsmanship

What is the Pledge?

Liberty Mutual Insurance created the Play Positive Pledge (“Pledge”) to help promote good sportsmanship in youth sports. The idea: rally parents, coaches, and team supporters to all agree to sign a pledge committing to promote, celebrate, champion and advocate for good sportsmanship in games, practices and in the stands to keep the youth sports experience positive and fun. To help encourage adults to participate, we’re rewarding 30 teams each year who rally the most number of adult supporters to sign the Pledge.

During each Pledge season, youth sports teams from around the country compete to rally their supporters to pledge to promote good sportsmanship. At the end of the season, the five Large Division teams and the five Small Division teams with the most Pledges will each earn $2,500 to help support their team. Click the link at the bottom of this page to take the Pledge and help Omaha North win $2,500!

The current Pledge season ends October 15th.

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